A cast is required to immobilise a bone following a fracture or surgery. They are usually made from 2 types of materials: Plaster of Paris, or Fibreglass. At Chatswood Allied Health, we use fibreglass to make our casts. Although it is slightly more expensive, it is durable and firm, providing better protection compared with a plaster cast.

Fiberglass casts are also waterproof. The price for a fibreglass cast on the arm is $160. Some of this cost may be covered by a private health fund.

Please notify our staff when booking if you require a cast.

You will need to bring a referral from your Doctor and the XR and report if available.

Cam Walker Boots

Cam Walker Boots are used to immobilise the foot and ankle following injuries or surgeries to allow healing to occur. Cam Walker Boots are also known as Moon Boots or Fracture Boots.

Cam Walker Boots are used to manage ankle sprains, foot/ankle fractures, and also following foot/ankle surgery. Cam Walker boots come in different sizes, long or short, and can be adjusted to allow for limited amount of movement, or no movement at all, depending on the Doctor’s Recommendations.

Chatswood Allied Health has Cam Walker Boots available.

The cost of a Cam Walker Boot (including fitting) is $160.


Braces can be used to provide temporary support for the structures around joint or muscle, and can also provide temporary relief from pain.

Chatswood Allied Health has a variety of wrist, lower back, ankle and knee braces in stock. Other braces can be ordered and delivered into the store for you!