Physiotherapy Following a large operation, the process of returning to performing your usual duties and the activities you love is long and difficult. However, a physiotherapist can guide you through the rehabilitation process following surgery, help you understand your surgeon’s protocols and instructions clearly, and provide exercises to maximise function and strength while minimising any […]


Physiotherapy CAST A cast is required to immobilise a bone following a fracture or surgery. They are usually made from 2 types of materials: Plaster of Paris, or Fibreglass. At Chatswood Allied Health, we use fibreglass to make our casts. Although it is slightly more expensive, it is durable and firm, providing better protection compared […]



Physiotherapy Motor Vehicle Accidents can be very stressful for a person, as they have to deal with loss/damage to their vehicle, and potentially injuries in worse scenarios. Due to the complex nature of whiplash injuries, recovery can be slow if it is not managed correctly and early. An experienced physiotherapist will help manage these injuries […]



Physiotherapy At Chatswood Allied Health, we understand the stress and difficulties that work injuries will have on both your physical & mental well-being. A physiotherapist will help guide your rehabilitation and provide a management plan that is congruent with your goals and work requirements in order to help you return to work quickly, but also […]



Physiotherapy Physiotherapists can work with active people or sportspeople with any level in order to manage injuries, niggles, and concerns, while maximising function and form to prevent risk of injuries while playing sports or being active. A physiotherapist will assess you based on your level of activity, medical history and through a thorough physical examination. […]

Tech Neck


Tech Neck Tech neck is generalised neck pain and stiffness that arises due to the consistent use of mobile or electronic devices in a poor posture. Symptoms: Symptoms of tech neck are exactly the same as generalised neck pain. They include: Pain, stiffness or tightness in the joints or muscles around the neck. Headaches Pain, […]