We welcome our new Acupuncturist Adrien Chen.

We welcome our new Acupuncturist Adrien Chen.

Adrien has been a practitioner of Acupuncture for over 10 years. She graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in 2005. She practiced as a holistic Acupuncturist at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine’s First Affiliated Hospital. Adrien was the department leader for the Acupuncture, Medicinal Massage & Rehabilitation Clinic until leaving China in 2014.

Adrien is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner in the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia since her arrival in Australia. Adrien specialises in applying acupuncture for treatment in a variety of areas, and for different types of pains & conditions. She specialises in “Jin’s Three-Needle Therapy”, and “Ear-Point Therapy” for treatment of different conditions. With over 10 years of experience, Adrien believes in treating the whole person, not just the “symptoms” of the disease. She carefully differentiates the variations of symptoms and the constitution of each individual, to find the underlying pattern of disharmony.


Adrien is available every Thursday. She is also able to provide cupping services upon request.

Our Pricing

Initial Session                 $85

Subsequent Session       $75

Note that you may be able to claim back through your health fund! Unfortunately, Bupa and HCF will not be claimable. For other funds please contact your health fund to check.

If you would like to book an appointment, please call us on 94124184 today.